Welcome to BUIDL Academy


What is BUIDL Academy?

BUIDL Academy is an Open-Source Ethereum Code School.

It is our intention to run courses scheduled throughout the calendar year that provide instructors with a curriculum designed to guide students through a series of collaborative coding lessons, challenges, projects and milestones.

We encourage community collaboration and invite anyone to come join us in this mission. It is our intention to create a DAO so BUIDL Academy can run decentralized beyond any of its founders. At the same time, we recognize that, especially for the first iterations, there needs to be a set of goals that organize around.

Initial Goals

The goal for the initial iteration of BUIDL Academy is to take students with web development experience and teach them everything they need to know about Blockchain and Ethereum to begin contributing to the community in significant ways. This is further defined in the Coding Bootcamp discussion.

Existing Tutorial Content

We’re initializing BUIDL Academy having created ChainShot where we have spent the last year building open-source coding tutorials & challenges. This content can be combined together with instructive sessions to create a curriculum for teaching developers.

We have created a Builder IDE so anyone can fork this content and create their own! These tutorials can be consumed on the main ChainShot site, in the Embed App, or in the Collaborative Classroom app (recently demoed & coming soon!).

If you’re interested in real-time discussion, here’s an invite to our Slack Workspace!

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