Introduce Yourself


Welcome to BUIDL Academy!

My name is Dan Nolan and it is my belief that BUIDL Academy is something that the Ethereum Community could really use right now. I welcome anyone to come help out and am excited to share governance of the project with anyone excited to contribute!

I created ChainShot last year as a way of building tutorials for the Ethereum community and together with my Co-Founder we’ve created a number of open-source Coding Tutorials (hosted here). Recently we thought to ourselves that this content is a great starting place for a open-source bootcamp, so here we are :slight_smile:

Please, introduce yourselves! Excited to meet anyone interested in the project.


Hi, my name is Cody McCabe and I’m a Co-Founder of ChainShot. Before starting ChainShot at ETHDenver 2018, I was a fresh web-developer out of a bootcamp called App Academy and had no knowledge of Ethereum or blockchain technology.

When we first started ChainShot, it was our immediate thought that a bootcamp for on-boarding developers would be great in conjunction with our platform. A year later and we believe ChainShot is at a place where it can support this idea in a decentralized way.

I’m really excited to collaborate with the great minds that are a part of this awesome community!



I’m Anaelle LTD and I just got the link to BUIDL Academy from Peepeth.
I’m a professional educator and language trainer who is swiftly moving into Web development.

I got sucked into the blockchain tech space a year and some months ago and I’m currently putting together my own private tech/business venture with friends and family in central Africa.

I’m interested in tech education as it remains one of the most challenging obstacle to my people’s personal and financial development.
From this perspective, Buidl Academy sounds like a really great project to follow! :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m themathematicianisin and I’m a mathematician who’s doing a combination of teaching (samples at and blockchain work (token engineering, DAOs). I’m a fan of movements in education like flipped classrooms, ViHart,, minutephysics, ChainShot, Mathigon, AoPS, DOLO, and BUIDL Academy.


Hey :slight_smile: I’m burrrata and I spend the majority of my time careening through the internet and oversharing as I go. I care deeply about anything that furthers human cooperation and coordination. Ideally this looks like positive sum incentive alignment mechanisms (cryptoeconomics) that support the development of the commons. More concretely that looks like FLOSS, blockchains, and community governance mechanisms (DAOs). Chainshot seems really cool because it educates and empowers people to engage in all those things, so I’m here to learn more and overshare my opinions!