Contribution Process


Just created a Contributions Repository where anyone who contributes to BUIDL Academy can explain their contribution and whether or not they would like to be rewarded with Governance Tokens and/or with money.

Governance Tokens are non-transferrable and have no monetary value. Therefore these two rewards (money/tokens) are completely independent; requesting one will not affect the other. Accepting governance tokens means that the person ought to be prepared to vote twice a month (or whatever the voting period ends up being) or else they will be penalized and forfeit some of their tokens.

I propose the Contribution Process can work as follows:

  1. Person who completed the work fills out the Contribution Issue Template.
  2. Any discrepancies are discussed up-front on the issue.
  3. The Issue is referenced in community vote as to whether or not the Money and/or Governance Tokens should be awarded.
  4. The DAO will automatically award the Money and/or Governance Tokens upon the vote passing.

Thinking that votes can only be escalated to the DAO by a Contributor who has gained a certain amount of Governance Tokens. This way we avoid flooding votes.