Coding Bootcamp


Coding Bootcamp

I believe it makes sense to initially run BUIDL Academy as a bootcamp where students are accepted based on some kind of standard and are expected to hit certain milestones in order to receive a certificate on the blockchain at the end of the course. We should keep the standards and milestones strict in order to make the certificate really mean something for the students. However, to the same end we should keep everything open so anyone can join and follow along even if they are not working towards the certificate.

I would like to see BUIDL Academy grow to a point where it can support many groups of students with different levels of initial skillsets and expected outcomes. To begin with I think we ought to start with a very specific standard.

Initial Skillset

First we should define what the initial skillset of the average student to be accepted into the bootcamp should be. It will be difficult to take someone with no experience coding and teach them everything they need to learn to become an Ethereum Developer within a reasonable timeframe.

With that in mind, my thought is we ought to first accept experienced web developers with the expectation of limited to no blockchain experience.

Expected Outcomes

Much of this is defined in the First Curriculum Discussion. My hope is that we can take a web developer with no blockchain experience and give them everything they need to know in order to contribute to the community in some meaningful way. Whether this means to join a team, to contribute to some open-source Ethereum project, or to begin their own project.


Considering the initial skillset and the expected outcomes, I would think that a rigorous bootcamp over the course of three months would be enough to teach everything. If students can dedicate 10-20 hours a week for 12 weeks and complete a couple of projects from the Curriculum I would anticipate they would come out with the skillset they need to achieve the expected outcome.


What are some thoughts on this?
Is it expecting too much in such a short period of time?
Too ambitious? Not ambitious enough?
Where can we find interested students? How many should be accepted per cohort?

Welcome to BUIDL Academy

As a product of a coding bootcamp, I think you’re hitting some important concepts that help to keep people driven and motivated.


There needs to be some sort of responsibility on the students end if they are to go through this free program. If there is no threat of losing, its very possible that a student gives up halfway through with no repercussions. Consistent tests would be great to keep the students honest and motivated. If a student fails a certain number of tests they get kicked out of the program. This might seem harsh but I believe is necessary to set the standard as a quality program with quality applicants.


I agree that a web-developer should be our target market for students. We want to get a cohort in and out and iterate on our program as quickly as possible. A full curriculum from no programming experience to blockchain developer would take longer than 3 months. While programming on Ethereum, you need to have more on your mind then just if the program works, such as security. It would be much better for a student to already have his/her programming skills nailed down before beginning.


The 10-20 hours seems super reasonable for a bootcamp that would be considered part-time. You figure you have 2 hours after a normal work day and maybe some work on the weekends. This should be doable for someone that is trying to learn a new life skills and most likely transition into a new career path.