BUIDL Academy Design


Currently the Logo and Website are serving as placeholders (My design skills are quite limited! :wink:).

Once we have everything in place we can vote on what kind of design is needed, who can do the design and how much funding we can allocate to it.

Going to start a thread here to discuss all the things we’ll need to design:

  1. Main Landing Page -
    a) Discuss the mission of the project
    b) A Call To Action to potential contributors join us and contribute their skills
    c) A Call To Action to students join us for the next semester. Also looking into adding entrance exams, which will allow students to self-assess whether they are ready for the course.

  2. Student Portal -
    a) A login for students where they can oauth with ChainShot to keep track of their progress.
    b) A place for students to go to see this week’s work, classes and presentations. Likely there will be a couple of live classes each week and a couple of tutorials for the students to take on their own time (potentially solo or in groups).
    c) A place for students to see upcoming work, potentially in some kind of calendar.

  3. Teacher Portal -
    a) An admin view for creating a course. In the beginning we should keep this pretty MVP and assume we only have one course running at a time.
    b) A way to add/configure presentations, classes and work.


Nice post!
I really like the idea of students’ self-assessing before joining a course. That feature is sometimes missing from CS courses! :slight_smile:

I wonder: would it be worth surveying interested parties/potential students to indicate what they want to get from the course? That way, you could streamline the curriculum and tailor it to the specific needs of applicants/tutees even BEFORE the first lesson?

Cheers! :smile:


Great idea!

I suppose there’s potentially three interested parties we can survey:

  1. Students – This is the most important group like you mentioned, although it might be tough to survey them ahead of time. I would think once the students are committed to the course they would be in the best position to poll. If they are not committed yet they might think “Oh I want to learn ZK Snarks, but I know everything else and I don’t want to commit to the full course.” In which case, this voter might influence the vote without ever truly intending to be a student. Plus we don’t have a good way to prevent them from voting twice. Once we have an enrollment process this will be easier. Then the survey can be part of the enrollment.
    Of course, we’ll probably have to release part of the curriculum ahead of time to entice the students to enroll. It’s a bit of a :chicken: and :egg: problem. Maybe we can offer a loose curriculum ahead of time and use student feedback to fine-tune it.

  2. Educators/Contributors – That’s all of us, so we can start to pool all our thoughts in the Curriculum Discussion and vote on things as necessary.

  3. Donators/Funders – I like the idea that when someone donates to the Academy they can choose a future area of research to build a tutorial. We can directly take 10% of the donation and apply it to that area of research. I wrote about it on the DAO Governance discussion.

I’m going to follow this up with a topic discussing Student Enrollment because that seems to be the biggest missing piece of the puzzle. Where do we find the students? What level of experience are we looking for? How many students can we accept?

Another thought in my mind: If we allow students to vote on curriculum and we have a cap to the number of students we can enroll we probably will need some kind of financial commitment from the student. Ideally most operating expenses are covered through outside donations. However the student financial commitment will ensure that the vote is sybil-resistant (they can’t vote twice without paying twice) and that the spot is reserved for a student who is more likely committed. If the student is unable to pay perhaps they can apply for sponsorship, in which case someone is manually approving their application and paying for them.


After dan shared this interesting project in the The Studio Discord i decided to do some draft designs for the project.

I decided to use fonts very simple and clean, the color light blue that inspire a very user-friendly environment.

These are just ideas and initial drafts to show some potential ideas for the future branding of the project. I played only with the word buidl and the brackets (2 different approachs)

Changing the colors and font and removing some elements, choosing the first draft logo it would look something like this (using the current landing page basic design)

Any feedback? Everything can be changed, edit, removed and its just a initial draft.


Awesome, thanks @johnycrypto!!

I really like the emphasized b and l (the fourth one down from the top). It makes good use of the word and I like how the italics gives it a motion feeling to it!


Yeah is my favourite approach of the design, the brackets are a bit “cliche”. I can work on that idea. What you think about the colors and the little changes of the current landing page?


The landing page looks more professional! I like how the tagline looks next the logo. Just to let you know this was originally meant to be a placeholder page, although I think your changes are really shaping it up! I’m not attached to the horizontal slash at the bottom, primarily because I’m not sure how it will evolve. We’ll need this to become a bigger page once we start enrolling students/holding classes. Haven’t really thought too much about how that will work yet. Thinking a typical landing page where you scroll down and learn more as you go.

Originally chose the pink-ish color to try to pick something more inclusive without being too colorful. Would like to see how that logo looks with that color as well, if you don’t mind!

@cody is much better at giving feedback than me, he’ll want to weigh in here as well :slight_smile:

Would love to hear from @NukeManDan and @AnaelleLTD if you guys have any opinions!


Yeah it needs a better landing page with more info, i just changed the current one to show only some simple modifications can improve the overall design.

I can try the pink color if you want, happy to hear other people feedback.


I like the fifth logo! :slight_smile:

I think there needs to be some hover effect on the central logo, against the dark background with the code/function.

The footer catches the eyes, but there is nothing for the eyes to follow, as there currently is no information/content available.

But since Buidl is about Blockchain development, why not use the design of a block to theme the whole website? As in, a block header, a merkle tree nav, time stamped headings and nodular content. A bit like a Prezi presentation and its basic animations/transitions.

The logo could sit central on the page, with each letter of “buidl” sitting on a block of the chain, and the word "academy in small letter underneath the blockchain. Then you fit the “Open Source Ethereum code school” to the side.

Ach, well. I might as well design that myself and post the results here. Stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:



Some B/W draughts/drafts :slight_smile:


The example design i made was just to show how one of the designs and colors would fit in the current landing page.

I love your idea of the merkle tree, any frontend wizard in the team @dan ?

One thing to think about is that needs to be super friendly and easy to understand/use for everyone.


@AnaelleLTD This is an awesome idea! I wonder if the BUIDL could go right into the blocks on the blockchain there to simplify that first logo! Really love merkle tree idea for navigation, this makes a ton of sense as well. :grinning:

@johnycrypto If it can be drawn,@cody and I can build the web page for sure! :slight_smile:


Lets do it, im down. Do you guys have discord or some group chat we can setup things and talk about it?


That’s an even better take!
I will have a play with that idea in photoshop this weekend. :slight_smile:


I totally agree on keeping the landing page trim and clean (pun intended) :p.
It will all depend on what content has to go where in subsequent pages.

Unfortunately, I’m no FE wizard yet (I’m in my 2nd year of Web development training through Distance Education) :persevere:. But whenever I am able to contribute I definitely will.

Good on you for launching this discussion! :smile:


Is there any group chat we can all talk? @dan discord?


Yup, there’s a Slack Channel we’ve been using!



A wiki for lecture content/student content (only page creators can edit their own pages, but anyone can create a page).

A whiteboard/screenshare/chat-enabled chatroom for class/discussion use (anyone can post to chat, but only the teacher can toggle audio/whiteboard permissions).

This fits especially well with the flipped classroom style of learning.

By the way, https://dolo.org/ has a DAO but needs teachers. Actually, the design is being worked on…this could be the new DOLO.


FWIW I like the current logo (as of April 29 2019). It feels a little “street fighter” esc, which to me signals something fun. Not sure if you’re going for the “fun” or “professional” vibe, but as a developer who’s seen hundreds of courses online trying to get my attention (and often money), something fun and unique definitely stands out :slight_smile: